LF 225 DR

Made by: SHINKO DENSHI Co.,Ltd

Export in Cambodia by: CT Calibration Service

information Manuel:

LCD display back-light able to adjust 3 level

Tare:Zero to full weighing range

Span adjustment : LF-R…. Automatic and semi-automatic Span

Adjustment with built-in calibration weight

LF……Manual operation Span Adjustment with external calibration weight

Over error:”O-Err” showed when full weight range + 9 more digits over

Use:Power Source AC adapter input 100-240 VAC/ ouput  5.95 VDC

Use:Rs 232C Output  (D-sub 9 pin)USB output for connect to Pc

Condition for use:

Operating Temperature (10-30 C)

Operating Humidity: 80% RH


Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Other
LF 225 DR 90-220 g 0.001-0.01 g 80 mm dia