Description: +Compact size and the minimum distance between the upper and lower shackle.
+25 mm LCD backlit display, easily visible in any lighting condition.
+Precision: +/- 0.03% on MAX.
+5-key waterproof keypad: Zero, semi-automatic or preset Tare, Mode, Print, On/Off.
+Sturdy case in oven-fire painted steel.
+Fitted with infrared remote control for up to 8m distance use. The remote control can be configured by the customer as a single automatic tare or as a remote keypad.
+Power supply through 4 AA batteries, which may be rechargeable (operating time of about 40 hours).
+Digital calibration and programmable Set-Up directly from the keypad or from the PC with Dinitools.
+Programmable digital filter and auto switch-off.
+Operating temperature: -10 /+40 ºC.
+RS232 serial port on RJ11 connector for quick programming with Dinitools.

Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Other
MCWN 1.5 T 0.5 Kg
MCWN 3 T 1 Kg
MCWN 6 T 2 Kg
MCWN 9 T 5 Kg