The SPMK213E pressure pneumatic pump is made up of top quality imported stainless steel and aluminum materials.

It adopts advanced sealing technology and sealing components. 

It is an ideal instrument to calibrate pressure gauges, pressure transmitters, pressure sensors and other pressure instruments.

  • easy to carry to the field
  • lOpen structurer, easy to use, save labor, maintenance-free
  • It is free from humidity and dirt.
  • Lehigh accuracy
  Pressure range ( -0.95~100 ) bar
  Resolution 0.0001bar
  Dimension ( 420×320×150) mm
 Net weight 6 kg
 Accessories sealing components (10pcs), plug (2pcs)

high pressure hose (1pcs) , wrench (1pcs)

 A suitable place to work   Field or Laboratory







Model Capacity Readability Pan Size Other